Embedded Pension Insurance

Offer a Long-Term and Tax-Optimized Investment Vehicle

We enable insurance brokers, wealth managers, robo-advisors, (neo-)banks, or trading-apps in Germany to offer white-label pension insurance.

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Unlock tax-benefits for your customers with a diverse investment offering and create an ongoing revenue stream through management fees with long-term stickiness.

Our Offering at a Glance

insurance container iconInsurance Container

Our insurance container (Private Pension Plan) is a slim and flexible layer around any funds-based investment strategy. It allows your customers to benefit from tax privileges.

tech iconWhite-label + API

The fitting integration for all phases of maturity: From a white-label standalone application for your customers, continuing with embeds of individual widgets and flows and ending in raw API access to allow you to build fully customized solutions.

investment iconInvestment Strategy

Wrap your existing investment strategy in our insurance container, or collaborate with our capital market experts on putting together suitable investment strategies.

Embedded in a Strong Ecosystem

the prosperity company AG
prosperity solutions
Lichtenstein Life Assurance AG
prosperity funds SICAV
cashyou AG

Operating Models

tech service icon
You are a licensed insurance broker

If you are a licensed insurance broker we can act as pure API and software provider empowering you to offer a rich user experience to your clients and powerful tooling for your advisors.

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You don’t have a brokerage license

We provide our brokerage license as a service. In this operating model we are not only running the software, but covering the regulated act of insurance brokerage and the ongoing customer support throughout the lifetime of the policy.

Case Studies

Clanq user
Clanq logo

Clanq is a mobile finance app that empowers parents to save for their children’s future. For better performance, saving accounts combine cashback on every purchase and sustainable investments.

Christina Hammer

"We started with an out of the box solution and iteratively customized the experience for our families and deepened the integration. We value our pragmatic and solution-oriented collaboration."

Christina Hammer, Co-Founder and CMO

Estably logo

Estably is a renowned Robo-Advisor based in Liechtenstein. Their goal is to increase wealth in the long term by merging digital convenience with human investment expertise.

Markus Prodinger

"Getting our joint offering live was a smooth process. We were onboarded as an asset manager, integrated the signup widget on our Website and now our customers benefit from the excellent user experience of the Estably branded pension insurance app."

Markus Prodinger, Co-Founder and CEO


The Benefits of Working With Us

handshake iconIncreased end-customer stickiness

Due to the unlockable tax-benefits of a long-term product we are seeing increased stickiness compared to investment products without an insurance container.

cycle iconEnd-to-end offering

In partnership with our sister company Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG we can offer a tailor-made insurance product, effective brokerage, as well as deeply integrated software.

stopwatch iconQuick time to market

With our existing, full-fledged, white-label software you can get a technical integration up and running within 2-4 weeks.

star iconProven track record and stability

Our users currently have 800 Million Euro of assets in over 109,100 active policies within our software.

  • NAV pricing

  • White-label

  • Active Policies

  • Assets

    800 Mio

Key Software Features

devices iconCross-Platform

Our Software is available stand-alone or integratable on the Web, iOS and Android

paint iconRich UX

Our rich user experience consists of modern and performant applications with a sleek design. Flows are highly optimized for casual and pro users alike.

selfie iconCompletely digital onboarding

Including real-time Selfie ID Verification

tag iconWhite-labeling

Colors, typography, buttons and logos are customizable to match your corporate identity

selfie iconPlug and play

Includes hosting, maintenance and updates

A Sneak Peek Into the App

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Predicted growth scenarios

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Current fund value

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Possibility to make additional payments

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See payment history

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Document center

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Death benefits & beneficiary

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