Insurance (Agent) as a Service

We enable financial players like robo-advisors, neo-banks, or trading-apps to integrate investment-style pension insurances in Germany.

Our Offering at a Glance

Investment Strategy

Wrap your existing investment strategy in our insurance container, or collaborate with our capital market experts on putting together suitable investment strategies.

Insurance Container

Our insurance container is a slim layer around the investment strategy which allows your customers to benefit from tax privileges of pension insurances. The fee structure is transparent and primarily %-based on the net asset value.

White-label + API

Leverage our white-label software, either standalone or seamlessly integrate it into your existing web or mobile applications. Our APIs allow you to build fully customized solutions.

Operating Models

You are a licensed insurance broker

If you are a licensed insurance broker we can act as pure software as a service provider empowering you to offer a rich user experience to your clients.

You don’t have a brokerage license

We are providing our brokerage license as a service. In this operating model we are not only running the software, but covering the regulated act of insurance brokerage and the ongoing customer support throughout the lifetime of the policy.

The Benefits of Working With Us

Increased end-customer stickiness

Due to the unlockable tax-benefits of a long-term product we are seeing increased stickiness compared to investment products without an insurance container.

End-to-end offering

In partnership with our sister company Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG we can offer a tailor-made insurance product, effective brokerage, as well as deeply integrated software.

Quick time to market

With our existing, full-fledged, white-label software you can get a technical integration up and running within 2-4 weeks.

Proven track record and stability

Our users currently have 410 Million Euro of assets in over 59,000 active policies within our software.

  • NAV pricing

  • White-label

  • Active Policies

  • Assets

    410 Mio

Key Software Features


Our Software is available stand-alone or integratable on the Web, iOS and Android

Rich UX

Our rich user experience consists of modern and performant applications with a sleek design. Flows are highly optimized for casual and pro users alike.

Completely digital onboarding

including real-time Selfie ID Verification


Colors, typography, buttons and logos are customizable to match your corporate identity

Plug and play

Includes hosting, maintenance and updates

A Sneak Peek Into the App

Predicted growth scenarios

Current fund value

Possibility to make additional payments

See payment history

Document center

Death benefits & beneficiary

Let’s Talk About Your Case

David Thomas Grübl
Managing Director, Commercials

+49 (0) 30 1208 7872 2

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Meet Our Team

  • Christoph Böckle
  • David Durlan
  • David Thomas Grübl
  • Diana Beiter
  • Florian Oefner
  • Jeremy Kabogo
  • Joseph Okharedia
  • Karthikeya Udupa
  • Manuel Jung
  • Marta Gaworek
  • Michael Mebesius
  • Sabine Loacker
  • Selin Serin
  • Shannon Donker
  • Stefan Debortoli
  • Stela Tvrdá
  • Stephan Bönnemann-Walenta
  • Tormen Rassmann

Our Locations

  • Ruggell, Liechtenstein
    Insurance Agent
  • Berlin, Germany
    Product & Tech Hub
  • Remote in Germany
    Product & Tech Hub