Meet Our Team

prosperity solutions team
  • Amy Chang
  • Amy

  • Anastasios Kyrtsis
  • Anastasios

  • Bella Roscher
  • Bella

  • Christoph Böckle
  • Christoph

  • David Durlan
  • David

  • David Friedman
  • David

  • David Thomas Grübl
  • David

  • Florian Oefner
  • Florian

  • Jeremy Kabogo
  • Jeremy

  • Jessica Kutzleb
  • Jessica

  • Karthikeya Udupa
  • Karthikeya

  • Lucas Fryd
  • Lucas

  • Manuel Jung
  • Manuel

  • Marcela Faé
  • Marcela

  • Marta Gaworek
  • Marta

  • Martin Almberger
  • Martin

  • Michael Mebesius
  • Michael

  • Rachel DePriest
  • Rachel

  • Selin Serin
  • Selin

  • Stefan Debortoli
  • Stefan

  • Stela Tvrdá
  • Stela

  • Stephan Bönnemann-Walenta
  • Stephan

  • Tormen Rassmann
  • Tormen

Our Values

  • prosperity solutions being human
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    The Whole Human Being is Welcome

    We aim to create an environment where every employee feels comfortable, supported and welcome as the whole human they are.
    We have different mental, emotional, and physical needs. We embrace and value these, so that diversity may enrich us.
    We care about each other.

  • prosperity solutions being candid
    candid icon

    Radically Candid

    We encourage and expect honest, direct and candid communication from a place of deep care and empathy.
    Without taking offense, we value constructive feedback, be it positive or negative.
    We acknowledge the short-term discomfort that it can take to live this value, but commit to it, as to experience critical growth both as a company and as individuals.

  • prosperity solutions being engineering driven
    engineering-driven icon

    Engineering Driven

    The technical feasibility and the simplicity of the technical architecture are essential for deciding which business-problems we solve and how. This ensures the long-term ability to quickly adapt our products to an ever changing environment.
    It is important for us to broadly educate all roles and departments about technical concepts, constraints and tools, just as it is important for us that engineers are engaged beyond their own craft. We innovate through intersectional thinking about technology and our business domain.

  • prosperity solutions being adventurous
    adventurous icon

    Thoughtfully Adventurous

    We are curious and hungry. We take controllable or well understood risks, to learn, improve and ultimately expand what is deemed possible.
    We are motivated by the challenges we face and embrace failure without blame.

  • prosperity solutions being pragmatic
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    We believe that delivering something of value today is more important than maybe delivering something polished in the future.
    Our processes and decision making embodies this and encourages well understood trade-offs.

  • prosperity solutions being accountable
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    We honor our commitments to customers, partners and co-workers. We trust in them doing the same and hold them accountable for it.
    We take responsibility for our own actions. We proactively manage and reflect outcomes. We strive for positive impact – on a personal, business and global level.

Our Locations

  • Schaan, Liechtenstein
    Insurance Agent
  • Berlin, Germany
    Digital Hub
  • Remote in Germany, Switzerland and Portugal
    Digital Leafs
map of prosperity solution locations